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About Our Founder

Molly Beckert has traveled extensively throughout the developing world and her exposure to many different unsolved humanitarian crises is what has inspired her work. Molly began her diverse travel experiences by volunteering in Costa Rica and Tanzania. She went on to travel the world by participating in the Semester at Sea program, visiting countries such as Brazil, Japan, India and Vietnam.

In 2009, Molly studied abroad in Uganda and Rwanda. It was during that trip that she recognized the potential to dramatically improve the lives of communities through simple and relatively inexpensive projects.

Molly founded Echoing Good in 2011 with this idea in mind: that there are many projects within reach and that small-scale efforts can have an enormous and lasting impact.

Molly graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and minor in Peace Research and Conflict Resolution. She grew up in Mill Valley, California, is an expert chocolate chip cookie maker (thanks to her mother), and went skydiving in South Africa and lived to tell the tale.

"We're a non-profit organization that empowers communities in need by supporting small-scale projects that are community led and inspired."